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Rates below are based on a standard urban home in the cities of Spruce grove and Stony Plain, half duplexes may be quoted less and larger/corner/pie lots or have large city grass to maintain may be quoted for more.

Spring/ Fall Cleanups: For grass covered areas only

Aerate, Power rake, clean up (mow), fertilizer- 180.00 plus gst

Aerate, Power rake, clean up (mow) - 170.00 plus gst

Power rake, clean up (mow) - 120.00 plus gst

Aerate only 70.00 plus gst

If you would like us to take the debris away for you, additional fees apply - $25 per truck load and half as much for half a truck load.

Standard lawn mowing: includes trimming, additional fees if lawn is overgrown

1 cut - 50.00 plus gst

2 cuts per month - 85.00 plus gst

3 cuts per month - 125.00 plus gst

Weekly service - (4 cuts in a month =150.00 plus gst and 5 cuts in a month =187.50 plus gst)

A $5.00 fee will apply if you are on a plan but the driver shows up with grass too short to cut (unless you inform us ahead of time).

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