NR Property Services Inc.

Enjoy the property you own without the chores that come with it!

Other Services

Dog Stool Removal

Get us to keep that dog doo under control!

Starting at only $60 a month without a snow removal/lawn maintenance contract we can do this so you don't have to.

Better rates are available for those who have an existing snow/lawn maintenance schedule.

Lawn Fertilizing, Over seeding and Weed control

We can fertilize your lawn and control those weeds and make all your neighbors jealous. We use 2 types of fertilizer depending on what your needs are; one that will bring the lush green out and one that strengthens the overall health of the lawn. We use Trillion as our weed control methods and find it works 3x better than store bought Killex.

Sod Repair and Replacement

Yes we do this too! We've done it all from removing rocks and replacing with sod or just laying it on top of the final grade of your new house.

Stump Grinding

Is there a stump on your property that doesn't have a purpose? We can take care of that in less than an hour!

Garbage Removal

  • Client always pays for disposal fees
  • Prices will be based on time to load, travel and unload item(s) to destination
  • Spruce Grove Eco center does not charge for the disposing of organic waste (i.e. grass clippings or branches)
  • Custom built garden boxes

    Want unique yet versatile and practical? We build garden boxes to fit your needs and make it look great at the same time. You tell us what you want to grow and we can give you options and do all the research for you!

    Custom Built Greenhouses!

    Yes, we can help you grow food in the summer and winter!

    The slideshow is our hybrid - half wood, half polycarbonate design.


    • Self irrigation
    • Heated for winter, venting for summer
    • Grow lights
    • Space efficient