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Welcome to NR Property Services Inc.

We regret to inform you that we are now closed permanently. 

We thank all our loyal clients who have stuck with us over the years but there are not enough of you out there.
There are a lot of people out there who:
  • Strive to pay the least and demand the most- you straight up tell me you want your grass cut only twice per month because its patchy dead and you don't care about it but if my guy misses a few blades of grass when he cuts I'm for sure getting a phone call.
  • Pick the cheapest type of service then get upset when they see the results- this one lady named Betty in parkland Village wanted to rip up the grass, put down new top soil, re grade but then after all that only pay for SEED. Well seed can take years to fully establish but yet it was my fault and i didn't get my full amount because of it.
  • Demand how much work should be done by talking to staff although a different amount was agreed upon- buddy... we've been doing this property for 3 years now and we've never done it, don't come out yelling at my guy demanding it be suddenly done when the grass is 3 feet high now.
  • Don't support us through the year but when they are screwed after a huge dump of snow I'm expected to come save them? Oh and also haggle the fee.
  • Lie... straight up lie. Could you cut these flowers down please with your trimmer? Sure. Does this look good? yes, keep going. 5 days later... you ruined my flowers I'm going to sue you. Can you believe this British old lady named Joe in Stony Plain?
  • And there are people who just don't pay their bills- one lady even claimed her husband had cancer so begged me to keep helping her and promised to pay me, nope- 800$ gone.
I have had enough of the rising pricing of taxes, cost of parts and machinery; there's only so much I can charge people before its too much for them
I'm done with trying to convince employees to go to work then apologizing to clients about the failure. I sometimes cringe when they go out to do work constantly thinking what's going to break and I have to repair in time for the next working day?
Like how does a broom break itself in half? They only way that happens is when staff bring their personal life to work and they need to find a way to feel better, and that's me buying a new broom for them. 
Being a small business owner does not mean we are all rich- everyone wants a piece of our pie and clients often only think they are only paying for the work that's being done. There's still people who have to do the accounting, set up the accounts, send out the bills, manage the website and try to manage catering to specific client requests, repair broken equipment, buy supplies- i feel like i could go on and on but i hope you get it.
I may reopen with my son in many years from now but for now I'm exhausted and thankfully I'm doing well working for another company as a production manager.
Thanks again to all my understanding loyal clients, i will miss you and hope the best for you.
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